Exercising before breakfast helps you USE more body fat

This is true, but that doesn’t mean that you are burning more TOTAL CALORIES. It only means that you are metabolically more efficient (getting calories out of fat) in the morning.

This news article didn’t mention (and I haven’t read the original scientific article) total calories expended, so we cannot assume that your ability to lose weight/fat will be greater, as their title assumes. That’s why I changed the word LOSE to USE.

Also, exercising right after a fast (8 hours of sleep) is not safe for people prone to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia). Although the article is right when it says “the body has enough reserves for about 90 minutes to two hours of exercise”, it is recommended for these people to eat at least 15 grams of complex (or a combination of simple and complex) carbohydrates before exercise. This is because those reserves are in the form of glycogen (chains of glucose) inside the muscle. And no matter how much glycogen is in the muscle, the glucose inside the muscle is for the muscle’s use only and it never makes it outside the muscle for the brain’s or heart’s use, for example. And if you are hypoglycemic in the morning, that means that the glycogen you had in the liver (which gets released into the blood stream for the use of all the cells in the body) is pretty much already depleted come the morning.

One regular slice of bread has 15 grams of carbs.

Lastly, they did not mention what kind of exercise the scientific article studied. Different kinds of exercise (at different intensities or speeds) use different types of energy systems. Some energy systems rely more on fat metabolism, others rely more on glucose metabolism, others rely on none of those.

So, please ask me.


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  1. […] Exercising before breakfast helps you USE more body fat […]

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