Protect Your Community From the Flu on Election Day With Vote & Vax

“Get ready for the 2012 Elections! Vote & Vax is a national network of public health providers who organize and run flu clinics at polling sites on or around Election Day. Vote & Vax is a great opportunity to increase your community’s awareness of the importance and role of public health. It is also a way to let your community know that its local provider is a friendly, responsive and effective organization. Participating in Vote & Vax is easy and rewarding. Learn more about participating by downloading a free copy of the resource guide, Setting Up a Successful Clinic, visit

“The vision is that this innovative, effective strategy will become standard public health practice each and every Election Day. Vote & Vax is a public health “2-for-one”: it helps protect your community from seasonal flu and builds your agency’s capacity to respond in the event of a public health disaster. The program is a proactive step to safeguard your neighbors and save lives.

“Learn more here”

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