Fall into Fitness with WIN

Fall into Fitness with WIN

WIN eupdate

Fall into Fitness with WIN

Are you looking for ways to help your community take steps toward better health? Then we have just the resources you need. This fall get your community in gear with the Weight-control Information Network (WIN) Healthy Community Kit (HCK) and other resources available at http://www.win.niddk.nih.gov/publications. This kit is full of helpful ideas to start your community in the right direction as everyone gets ready for the harvest season. WIN is pleased to announce the release of this online resource and a recently updated booklet for teens listed below.

WIN Healthy Community Kit

WIN Healthy Community Kit

The HCK includes flyers and WIN publication ad slicks, as well as tips for using the materials. Topics include how to change eating and physical activity habits to improve health. You can use the kit to spread the word about WIN and its tools. Download kit materials and get started today (available online athttp://win.niddk.nih.gov/publications/PDFs/HCK_TipsAndAdSlicks.pdf [PDF 5,326 Kb]).

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers

Take Charge of Your Health: A Guide for Teenagers

Created to help teens make healthier choices, this booklet uses plain language and a teen-friendly design to give teens basic facts about healthy eating and regular physical activity. It offers practical tips teens can use in everyday life (available online athttp://win.niddk.nih.gov/publications/take_charge.htm).

2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans

Health Tip

Be physically active every day for one longer period of time, or break it up into shorter sessions of 20, 15, or even 10 minutes. Try walking (15 minutes per mile or 4 miles per hour) or heavy house or yard work (gardening, raking, mopping, or vacuuming).

For more information, see the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americansonline at http://www.health.gov/PAGuidelines.

Partner with WIN

Are you a health professional or volunteer who educates people on healthy eating and physical activity? Could your program use free, science-based health education resources? Would it help you to share ideas and tips with people who work with programs like yours?

If so, contact us about becoming a WIN Partner. Please call 240–744–7021 or email us atwin@info.niddk.nih.gov.

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“Like” us (if you haven’t already) to keep up with our regular updates (http://www.facebook.com/win.niddk.nih.gov).

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