The figure-friendly cheesecake

Things you can do to decrease the amount of calories you consume when eating cheesecake (assuming you use the same recipe with the modifications below):

-eat fewer pieces
-eat smaller pieces
-skip the crust and use parchment paper as a separator, the crust is most times unnecessary, especially on inside cuts of a square cheesecake, unless you want the crust look
-make your own crust and use less butter and/or less sugar or use an artificial sweetener
-use a thinner crust; if you make your own, decrease the recipe by one fourth or one third (multiply by .25 or .33, respectively) and spread out the same
-skip the topping or substitute it for fresh fruit or make your own with less sugar or with a sugar substitute
-use low-fat cheese

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2 thoughts on “The figure-friendly cheesecake

  1. instillari says:

    skip the crust? but that’s my favorite part! lol

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