The figure-friendly pizza

Things you can do to decrease the amount of calories you consume when eating pizza (assuming you use the same recipe with the modifications below):

-eat fewer slices
-eat smaller slices
-let the dough rise before baking (when you let the dough rise you increase the volume of the pizza, making a thicker crust that will fill you up faster), if you bake without rising that makes a thin crust pizza
-use fewer toppings (except non-starchy vegetables or other low calorie ingredients)
-use smaller portions of those toppings
-use lower-fat ingredients (low-fat cheese or sauce, for example)
-use water instead of milk and use less oil to make the crust
-use parchment paper or corn flour (you can dust it off before eating the slice) as a separator (to prevent the dough sticking to the pan/sheet) instead of oil

NOTICE that using a gluten-free flour mix does NOTHING.

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