Scams in Science

Subject: Academic publication
Date: Thursday, November 19, 2009 5:20
To: …@…edu

Dear …,

While researching publishable academic papers at the Library of your University, I came across a reference to a work entitled “…”.

LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG specializes in the publication of theses and dissertations.

I am therefore wondering if you would be interested in cooperating with us towards a worldwide marketed publication of your work.

Your reply including an e-mail address to which I could send an e-mail with further information in an attachment would be greatly appreciated.

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

Kind regards,
Shobha Ramduny
Acquisition Editor

LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing AG & Co. KG

Theodor-Heuss-Ring 26
50668 Köln, Germany

Fon +49 681 3720-310
Fax +49 681 3720-3109

s.ramduny@lap-publishing.com_ /
Handelsregister Amtsgericht Köln HRA 26549
Partner with unlimited liability

VDM Verwaltung Aktiengesellschaft
Handelsregister Amtsgericht Saarbrücken HRB 16777

Board of Directors: Dr. Wolfgang Müller (CEO), Christoph Schulligen, Jürgen Gerber, Esther von Krosigk
Supervisory Board: Prof. Dr. Johannes G. Bischoff (Chairman), RA Thomas Bischoff, RA André Gottschalk


4 thoughts on “Scams in Science

  1. dsl says:


    Dear _____________,

    I am writing on behalf of the international academic publisher, VDM Publishing House Ltd.

    In the course of a research at the Library of University of _______________ we came across a reference to your thesis on “___________________”. As we would like to make your work available to a larger audience, I am wondering if you may be interested in publishing your thesis in the form of a printed book.

    Your reply including an e-mail address to which I can send an e-mail with further information in an attachment will be greatly appreciated.

    I am looking forward to hearing from you.

    Sincerely yours,
    Best regards,

    Mr. Loic Angeline
    Acquisition Editor
    VDM Publishing House Ltd.

    17, Meldrum Str. | Beau-Bassin | Mauritius
    Tel / Fax: +230 467-5601 |

    Business Registration No.: C07072290
    Board of Directors: Benoit Novel, Saleem Chotoye

  2. Abuzer says:

    They are very professional.
    They really research universities and find thesis.
    So, you think that they are really interested in your work.
    Be careful and do NOT open their messages…

  3. Attention: All readers and authors,

    I am writing on behalf of Lambert Academic Publishing. Publishing houses have long been considered as closed to everyone, without any interaction with authors, book buyers and readers. However, we, at LAP are different from conventional publishers. Instead we pursue an innovative ‘open book policy’ where we continuously identify scientific and academic projects from different universities and colleges. We do contact authors by email and propose publishing contract to them. Our aim is to provide knowledge to a wide market and connect the book buyers and readers to the right author and the books they are looking for.

    Our books are distributed through more than 80,000 bookstores and more than 3,000 online shops worldwide.

    We are committed in providing the best publishing experience available to our authors, we are thus open to the concerns of all our authors and customers. While our request for bank details have been often assumed to be some type of identity fraud we wish reassure our authors that we use the VeriSign security system and that such request is for the sole purpose of royalties payment. Upon suggestions of many authors we will be soon implementing new royalties payment methods such as Paypal.

    Often confused with Vanity Press our publishing model is very different from it. We wish to provide the following details on the difference between a Vanity Press and our publishing model:

    * We distribute your book worldwide through mainstream and well known shops such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble or AbeBooks.
    * You are not charged any cost for the production of your book. We bear all production,distribution and marketing cost for you and we pay you royalties for specific periods.
    * You are able to publish 80% your book through journals and reviews. Your book is not tied up when you get a contract from LAP.

    Whereas Vanity Press charges for all the services mentioned above instead LAP look after all these at no cost to the author and with the advantage of a dedicated Acquisition Editor who is engaged to attend all the author’s request.

    In a time where most actors of the publishing industry are turning irrelevant and out of date, Lambert Academic Publishing partners with its authors to enter the new publishing era. Authors can join us now and be part of this revolution of the publishing industry.

    Michael Davis
    Customer Service Executive

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